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UHA MIKAKUTO GUMMY SUPPLEMENT ZINC, 40 Days Zinc chewing candies with berry flavor for 20 days

UHA MIKAKUTO GUMMY SUPPLEMENT ZINC, 40 Days Zinc chewing candies with berry flavor for 20 days

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The role of zinc in the body is difficult to overestimate. It takes part in biochemical processes and reactions, regulates metabolism and supports reproductive function. With the participation of the mineral, the formation and maturation of eggs and spermatozoa takes place, which is important for conception.

Functions of the trace element:

  • participates in the production of hormones - insulin, testosterone and somatostatin;
  • prevents the development of inflammatory diseases of the prostate;
  • regulates the exchange and activation of tocopherol;
  • neutralizes the negative effect of alcohol on the liver and brain cells due to its antioxidant effect;
  • participates in the formation of bone tissue, helps maintain the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system, prevents the development of rheumatism and arthritis.

Irreplaceable zinc for the body of children. Thanks to the synthesis of hormones and the provision of antioxidant action, the mineral regulates the growth of the child, is responsible for the normal formation, development and functioning of the sexual and immune systems.
An irreplaceable mineral for the female body. During puberty, it helps with acne and other dermatological problems. At the age of puberty, the trace element regulates the production of estrogen, supports the work of the ovaries and ensures the stability of the menstrual cycle. Deficiency of the mineral leads to infertility.
With age, the body's need for zinc increases, and the mineral itself accumulates in the body quite poorly. Women feel it especially acutely during menopause. Sufficient intake of the mineral facilitates the course of the "transitional period" and minimizes the symptoms of menopause:
helps control mood swings, bouts of irritability, anger, tearfulness; relieves hot flashes; prevents hair loss and skin problems; helps to avoid excessive weight gain.
Daily rate of intake of zinc.
The mineral does not accumulate in the body, so it is important to regularly replenish its reserves.

The Japanese supplement UHA Zinc in the form of chewing candies with a pleasant taste and aroma of berries contains the daily norm of zinc in 2 jellies.
The composition also includes 300 mg of collagen.

Method of use: 2 candies a day, chewing thoroughly.

Manufacturer: UHA, Japan.

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