Для чого потрібен організму колаген?

Why does the body need collagen?

This substance is one of the most common and unique structural proteins.
It acts as a "building material" for teeth, bone apparatus, muscles, skin, and connective tissues. It is about 80-90% of the total volume. Collagen includes amino acids: glycine, hydroxyproline, proline. They contribute to the production of new protein.
In order for this binding protein to be produced, it needs a sufficient amount of the following elements: zinc, selenium, copper, silicon, sulfur, pyridoxine, vitamins A, D, E.

The following manifestations indicate a lack of protein:

  • Caries appears
  • Teeth fall out
  • Wrinkles appear
  • Nail growth worsens
  • The skin loses elasticity and firmness
  • Muscle weakness is felt
  • Vision deteriorates
  • Scoliosis is detected
  • Bones and joints become fragile.

Collagen for women can be especially relevant when losing weight. It perfectly helps in getting rid of excess weight. With proper use, it helps to lose a few extra kilograms due to acceleration of metabolism. Taking 1 tbsp. spoon of the supplement every day, you can reduce weight by 4.5 kg in 3 months

Another point that collagen is useful for is improving the condition of the skin, as well as slowing down the processes of its aging. The person taking it looks younger, and their skin changes: it becomes more elastic. Wrinkles are smoothed out in aged women.

A collagen component is included in a number of sports supplements. It helps build muscle mass, and also helps athletes achieve higher results by increasing strength and endurance. In addition, taking such a product allows athletes to reduce the risk of injury to ligaments and tendons. For this, it is necessary to take 30-70 grams of collagen peptides per day.

Collagen is synthesized in sufficient quantity until the age of 21-25, and after that it gradually decreases in quantity as the body ages.
Without collagen, the body "dries up" and grows older. Therefore, doctors and nutritionists recommend including it in their diet after the age of 35 to everyone without exception.
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