Here we answer the main questions

Are Japanese products original?

Yes, we offer only original, genuine products from proven manufacturers and guarantee the quality of each product.
We always buy goods directly from Japanese manufacturers and large suppliers, negotiating the best prices for Our store, and strive to have a wide range of original Japanese goods of the best quality.

Why is there no expiration date on Japanese products?

In Japan, there is no legal basis that would oblige the manufacturer to indicate the expiration dates of the goods! That is, in other words, it is legal not to indicate it to them.
Currently, the Japanese market is highly competitive in the field of cosmetology. For this reason, the lines and series are updated annually. That is, for one product to be on sale for more than 3 years is simply impossible! Therefore, they simply do not have time to be overdue.
If the product has a shelf life of less than 3 years, the seller knows about it, and he conscientiously monitors the assortment.
The manufacturers themselves value their reputation and do not allow themselves to release on the market products from the warehouse or those that do not have a solid supply of shelf life.

How to make an individual order?

Our Japan Cosmetic online store offers a wide range of products from Japan. But if you did not find what you were looking for, you can make an individual order for goods from Japan that are not in our online catalog.
To do this, you need to make an application using the contacts indicated on the website or leave your contacts on the website and we will call you. Delivery is carried out by EMS (Express Mail Service) transport service within 10-12 days. The cost of delivery directly depends on the size and weight of the package and is discussed individually.

How to pay for the order?

We have three payment methods:

1. Online payment through the LiqPay system using Visa or MasterCard cards. When choosing this option, immediately after confirming the order, you will be automatically redirected to the site of the LiqPay payment system for payment.

2. Transfer to a PrivatBank card through the Privat24 system or PrivatBank terminals. After placing the order, we will send you details and instructions for making the payment.

3. Payment in cash when receiving the goods at the Nova Poshta branch.

Is the product subject to return?

According to the Law of Ukraine, cosmetic products cannot be returned or exchanged. All items are checked for integrity before shipping. Check the products upon receipt at the New Post office.

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