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DHC MELILOT Extract of burkun + Slender legs + Anti-cellulite effect

DHC MELILOT Extract of burkun + Slender legs + Anti-cellulite effect

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The biological supplement will help to eliminate the unpleasant effect of "orange peel", which is the first manifestation of cellulite, will help to preserve the beauty of the legs, will increase blood flow and drainage of fluid from the subcutaneous tissue.
The complex against swelling and heaviness in the legs ensures the beauty and health of the legs, giving them a well-groomed appearance thanks to 4 natural components.

John's wort, Java tea, pepper, ginko biloba remove excess fluid from the body, which is the cause of swelling and pain, especially after long walks or sports. Eliminate the main causes of cellulite, improve the shape of the legs, increase blood circulation and improve blood vessels.

It is a multifunctional tool that simultaneously stimulates the health of the body and contributes to weight loss and the acquisition of desired shapes.

The main action of the drug:

  • Helps to remove excess fluid from the body;
  • Saves you from swelling;
  • Enhances blood flow and fluid drainage from the subcutaneous tissue;
  • Helps to get rid of fat deposits in the abdomen and thighs, stimulates the breakdown of fat;
  • Prevents the development of varicose veins, thrombosis and pain syndromes from loads on the legs.


  • burkun extract - 200 mg
  • Javanese tea extract - 20 mg - Ginkgo biloba extract - 20 mg
  • red pepper extract - 2 mg
Application method:
2 tablets in the evening, after meals, with water.

Manufacturer: DHC, Japan.
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