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DHC FOLIC ACID, 60 Days Folic acid

DHC FOLIC ACID, 60 Days Folic acid

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The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection of Japan recommends taking 400 micrograms of folic acid per day for women who want to get pregnant. Folic acid is one of the types of vitamin B, which is found in large quantities in green and yellow vegetables, liver, fruits, and legumes and plays a huge role in the healthy development of the baby in the womb. Everyone knows that the intake of folic acid by women who want to get pregnant, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding stimulates the synthesis of new cells and protein, which in turn are necessary for strengthening the skin and mucous membranes that are growing. In addition, taking folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy suppresses the risk of developing a neural tube defect - a cylindrical structure that later gives rise to the central nervous system.

Why is folic acid poorly absorbed from food?
The answer is simple: folic acid dissolves very easily in water, is sensitive to heat, so a large amount of it is lost during cooking. Therefore, obtained in laboratory conditions, folic acid in mono form is highly effective and easily absorbed by the body.

The product is recommended for lactating women who are planning pregnancy, as well as for people with an unbalanced diet. Application: 1 piece per day.

Composition: Folic acid - 400 mg; Vitamin B2 - 1.3 mg; Vitamin B6 - 1.7 mg; Vitamin B12 - 2.5 μg; Maltose; Dextrin; Crystalline cellulose; Sucrose fatty acid esters.
Contraindications: it is not a medicinal product, consult a doctor before use.

Manufacturer: DHC, Japan.

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