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DHC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, 30 Days Coconut oil in capsules

DHC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, 30 Days Coconut oil in capsules

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Coconut oil has been known for its healing properties since ancient times.
It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, prevents the development of thrombosis, ischemic disease and arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis. Vitamin E, which is part of coconut oil, will help reduce increased blood viscosity and strengthen the walls of arteries.
The oil is able to activate and accelerate metabolic processes, preventing the development of obesity, helps to restore the normal content of glucose in the blood in diabetes. In addition, this product prevents the development of gallstone and urolithiasis, fatty dystrophy of the liver, and also has a beneficial effect on the state of the thyroid gland.

Coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids (almost 83%), including lauric, caproic, caprylic, oleic, capric, palmitic, myristic, stearic.
Coconut oil also contains phytosterols, vitamins (K, choline, E) and minerals: calcium, zinc and iron.
It is useful to use coconut oil for women during breastfeeding. This oil is distinguished by a fairly high content of lauric acid, which is a component of breast milk.


  • It is an excellent source of energy, especially for vegetarians. - The product promotes better assimilation of minerals, including calcium and magnesium, necessary for the normal functioning of the bone system, therefore, the use of oil is indicated for people of age with a tendency to osteoporosis.
  • The oil helps strengthen immunity, helps fight excess weight and lowers cholesterol, prevents the influence of pathogenic microorganisms, improves digestion and cleanses the intestines.
  • The product contains a lot of antioxidants, so it perfectly helps to preserve and restore beauty and youth.
  • When taken internally, the oil reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, and cancer. It increases the resistance of the body and does not transform into fat deposits, unlike many other oils.
  • The tool normalizes the functions of the thyroid gland and eliminates the negative consequences of their disruption, such as constant lethargy, fatigue and memory impairment.
  • The product also helps regulate metabolism. It is useful for those who follow diets, as their body often does not receive enough nutrients.

Application method:
5 capsules per day during or after meals.

Manufacturer: DHC, Japan.

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