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DHC VITAMIN D 60 Days Vitamin D

DHC VITAMIN D 60 Days Vitamin D

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Lack of sunlight leads to vitamin D deficiency, which is harmful to human bones, especially in children, young women and the elderly.
It has long been proven that vitamin D is necessary for the body not only to absorb calcium and phosphorus, but also to strengthen bones, hair, nails and teeth.
Vitamin D strengthens and activates immunity, promotes rapid recovery in the season of acute respiratory infections and SARS. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps
after intense physical exertion, relieves tension, reduces pain symptoms, restores muscles and increases muscle strength. It helps relieve fatigue, improves the condition of the skin, and rejuvenates the body.
Vitamin D participates in metabolic processes, including glucose metabolism, nourishes the heart, has a positive effect on the work of the nervous system and thyroid gland.

The source of vitamin D is sunlight, it is not found in most foods, so it is sometimes not easy to provide the body with the norm of this vitamin naturally. A supplement from the Japanese manufacturer DHC, which contains 25 mcg (1000 IU) of this indispensable for the body, will help fill the lack of vitamin D

Method of use: 1 tablet per day during
food, drinking water.

Ingredients of 1 tab (150 mg): vitamin D (vitamin D3) 25 μg (1000 IU), maltose (produced in Japan), fiber, glycerol and fatty acid esters, finely dispersed silicon dioxide.

Manufacturer: DHC, Japan
60 tablets

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