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DHC VOLUME TOP, 30 Days Complex for hair growth and thickness based on ginseng, 180 pcs

DHC VOLUME TOP, 30 Days Complex for hair growth and thickness based on ginseng, 180 pcs

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With age or as a result of adverse factors, hair becomes thin, thin and dull. The rich complex of vitamins and minerals of this bio-additive, acting from the inside, will strengthen the hair, help restore the density, volume and rich color of the hair.

The complex of vitamins and minerals for the volume and thickness of hair from the Japanese manufacturer DHC is 14 unique components for the health and thickness of your hair. The patented formula helps protect and restore hair follicles and provide them with nutrients necessary for hair growth, improves the condition of the scalp, and prevents hair loss.

Ginseng strengthens hair, stops hair loss and gives it strength and thickness.
-Seaweed improves the blood circulation of the scalp, nourishing the hair from the ends.
- Oyster extract provides the body with zinc, accelerates hair growth, prevents the appearance of gray hair and reduces hair loss.
- Jerusalem artichoke extract nourishes the scalp
A complex of herbs strengthens the shine and increases the volume of the hair.
-Collagen peptide gives hair elasticity.
-Pantothenic acid protects hair and scalp from ultraviolet radiation and harmful effects of the environment.

Main ingredients: extracts of potato tubers - 906 mg. , Jerusalem artichoke - 576 mg. , primrose - 180 mg. , eclipta spread - 108 mg. , Korean ginseng 60 mg. , as well as powders of virgin pyrethrum - 90 mg. , lemon mushroom, wakame seaweed and kelp - 30 mg. , pig liver peptide - 18 mg. , oyster and goji berry extracts, zinc - 0.6 mg. calcium - 11 mg.

Packaging: 180 pieces for 30 days

Method of use: 6 capsules per day, can be divided into two doses.
Manufacturer: DHC, Japan
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