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FAMILY PREMIUM TOUCH HYALURONIC ACID Household gloves with hyaluronic acid

FAMILY PREMIUM TOUCH HYALURONIC ACID Household gloves with hyaluronic acid

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Household gloves with hyaluronic acid for daily household chores.
Household chemistry is an undoubted achievement of modern civilization. Hardly anyone can imagine housework without its use. But what a negative effect it has on the skin of our hands. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your health and protect the delicate skin of your hands by wearing protective gloves.
The best on the Japanese market are FAMILY PREMIUM TOUCH HYALURONIC ACID gloves.


  • Thanks to the lining containing hyaluronic acid, the gloves perfectly retain heat, but the hands do not sweat, do not rub the skin, do not irritate and are easy to remove.
  • Provide care and protection of hands during use.
  • Because the fingertips are reinforced, they are strong and tear-resistant.
  • The entire palm of the gloves is treated to prevent slipping.
  • "Antibacterial and deodorizing treatment" prevents the growth of mold and bacteria and suppresses odors.
  • Made of vinyl chloride resin, resistant to detergents and bleaches.

One pair of these gloves is enough for several months of regular use. The main thing is that no liquid gets inside.

How to use: put on protective gloves on dry hands before doing housework, hand washing or washing dishes. After use, carefully hang the gloves to dry.

Manufacturer: Japan.

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