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FANCL FC WASHING POWDER Powder for washing and cleansing the face

FANCL FC WASHING POWDER Powder for washing and cleansing the face

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The perennial bestseller of the hypoallergenic brand FANCL is a washing powder with an updated composition.

This is a unique product for thorough washing and gentle cleaning of any type of skin.
The main task of the powder is the ability to retain its natural moisturizing component, the amino acid PCA, in the skin.

PCA is found in the skin as part of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and protects the skin from moisture loss.
Cleaning the skin with soaps can cause the PCA to wash out and not have time to regenerate. Due to this, daily cleaning of the skin turns into stress, the skin becomes drier and rougher after washing.
If you have such a problem, you should try Fancl's gentle powder. It is suitable for any type of skin, including very sensitive and allergic skin.
The powder does not contain acid, enzymes and other components that can cause skin irritation. Keeps a soft base of palm and sunflower oil, a complex of amino acids, agar-agar and starch in the form of microspheres for cleaning from pollution.

When mixed with water in the palm of your hand or with the help of a mesh, the powder forms a dense foam for high-quality washing.

Does not contain flavorings.
Manufacturer: Fancl, Japan

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