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KOKUBO KOGYOSHO WHIPPER MINI Mesh for whipping foam for face washing

KOKUBO KOGYOSHO WHIPPER MINI Mesh for whipping foam for face washing

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You can create a lather that looks like whipped cream by applying a facial cleanser and lathering it up with a whisk.

Comes with a hanging ring.

This accessory can be used for different facial cleansers such as solid, cream, liquid and powder.
Why do you need a grid?
The net is needed in order to make dense foam and enhance the effect of facial cleansing. It is with the help of this foam that we will be able to clean the pores well from impurities. Of course, you can whip up the foam with your hands or a sponge, but believe me, you will be surprised at how foamy your washing foam will be if you use this method!

How to use: Soak the mesh and soap (if you use soap) in warm water. (The Japanese say that the temperature should be between 30℃〜40℃, but you can not worry too much. The main thing is that it is not too hot).
If you use foam, squeeze the necessary amount of product "under the skirt" of the mesh and start foaming in circular motions. If you use soap, lather the mesh on both sides, remove the soap and start lathering.
It is best to beat the foam with circular movements on the palm, collecting the "part of the skirt" on the other side. Continue until a thick, creamy foam appears. When the foam is ready, run your hand from the "waist" and collect the foam in your hand (you have be a palm of thick foam that does not fall off, even if you turn your hand over).
Apply the foam on your face and wash :) Try not to touch the skin with your hands, but clean it with the foam.


For external use only.
Rinse thoroughly after use.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Manufacturer: KOKUBO KOGYOSHO, Japan.

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