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KOSE CLEAR TURN SKIN BEAUTY BY JAPANESE SAKE MASK Face mask with sake extract, 7 pcs.

KOSE CLEAR TURN SKIN BEAUTY BY JAPANESE SAKE MASK Face mask with sake extract, 7 pcs.

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A set of 7 moisturizing mildly acidic face masks with fermented essence.
Intended for refreshing the tone of the face, cleaning and moisturizing the skin.
Suitable for girls with problem skin, as well as for normal facial skin.
The mask is infused with a rich essence of sake (a Japanese rice drink) and thermal spring water from Mimasaka hot springs, and contains amino acids to deeply moisturize and soften the skin.

Composition of the mask:
Tocopherol, Japanese sake extract, thermal water, glycine.
  • Tocopherol - promotes rejuvenation, removes small wrinkles. Accelerates the tissue regeneration process, prevents the appearance of scars and acne.
  • Japanese sake extract nourishes the skin, saturates it with vitamins and amino acids. It has a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect.
  • Thermal water - removes irritation and soothes the skin. Maintains water balance. Stimulates collagen production. Refreshes and tones.
  • Glycine - gives the skin softness and smoothness. Moisturizes and maintains moisture well. It is used as a thickener for cosmetics.

Does not contain dyes and synthetic additives.

How to use: apply the mask to previously cleansed, dry facial skin. Gently straighten the mask and smooth it on the face so that the serum gets better on the skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes. After removal, wipe the face with a mask, removing the remains of keratinized particles and distribute evenly the excess moisture after use.

Manufacturer: KOSE, Japan.

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