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KOSE COSMEPORT BOMB FACE MASK Deep moisturizing face mask "BOMB", 7 pcs

KOSE COSMEPORT BOMB FACE MASK Deep moisturizing face mask "BOMB", 7 pcs

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Kose Cosmeport Bomb Face Mask is a moisturizing bomb mask created according to the concept of 8 hours of sleep in 8 minutes!
Modern women lead an active lifestyle and often do not have time to sleep, which is important for beauty.
The Bomb Face Mask will leave your skin in a wonderful state in 8 minutes, as if you slept deeply for 8 hours.

It thoroughly moisturizes the skin thanks to white mushroom polysaccharide and hyaluronic acid with a high degree of penetration, keeping moisture in the deep layers of the skin for a long time.

Amino acids restore the water balance, and even the barrier function of the skin. After use, the skin is smoothed, becomes soft and velvety, without peeling and redness.

The relaxing floral aroma of natural essential oils gives a real pleasure.

The original watercolor design of the packaging, developed in collaboration with illustrator Ayumi Miyama, conveys the feeling of bursting water drops and a beautiful woman at rest.

Without dyes, mineral oils, alcohol (ethyl alcohol), parabens, UV absorbers, silicone.

Application: Apply the mask to cleansed skin in the morning, leave for 8 minutes.
Because the surface of the sheet mask is embossed with irregularities, it has high adhesion, and after use, just gently wipe the face with the mask to remove dead cells.
Manufacturer: KOSE, Japan.
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