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LEBEL IAU CELL CARE 5 MELT Cream-concentrate for moisturizing hair

LEBEL IAU CELL CARE 5 MELT Cream-concentrate for moisturizing hair

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Lebel IAU Cell Care 5M cream concentrate will help dry, dull and dehydrated hair that suffers from a lack of nutrients.
  • The product will saturate tired curls with moisture, will help prevent hair from drying out from adverse factors.
  • Creates a protective barrier around the hair, which will help protect the hair follicles from the influence of aggressive environmental factors.
  • The cream nourishes the curls with a complex of vitamin substances, strengthens the elasticity of the curls, their elasticity, adds shine to the hair.
  • The cream-concentrate will smooth the hair, make it obedient, it is easily applied to the hair, has a pleasant structure, and to achieve and maintain a positive effect, it is enough to apply the product only once a week.

Composition: SMS-complex, white limnantes extract, vitamin E, lactic acid.

Application method:
Apply the cream-concentrate, preheated between the palms, to wet, shampooed hair for 3-7 minutes along the entire length, starting from the tips. Apply once a week to prolong the result of IAU Salon Care, as well as independently for intensive hair restoration.

Manufacturer: LEBEL, Japan.

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