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LEBEL IAU CELL CARE 5 SILKY Cream concentrate for smoothing hair

LEBEL IAU CELL CARE 5 SILKY Cream concentrate for smoothing hair

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The cream-concentrate is intended for effective strengthening and restoration of hair. This product will be especially relevant for owners of weakened, dull, damaged and tired hair. Active components have a powerful antiaging and protective effect, preventing premature aging of hair follicles and protecting against the destructive effects of aggressive ultraviolet radiation.

Active components: SMS-complex - a complex of cell membranes - when applied to the hair, restores their cuticle first of all, is deeply embedded in the hair structure.
White limnantes extract - has strong anti-oxidative properties. Increases hair volume without weighing it down. Helps retain moisture.
Lactic acid - works quite gently, as it has a large molecule and does not penetrate deeply. In everyday care, it moisturizes and smoothes the hair, making it more obedient.
Vitamin E is the main antioxidant, stimulator of cell regeneration and blood circulation. Moreover, it fills the cells with oxygen, heals small damages, helps to strengthen the hair, preventing its breakage and stimulating growth.
Application method:

Apply the cream-concentrate, preheated between the palms, to wet, shampooed hair for 3-7 minutes along the entire length, starting from the tips. Apply once a week to prolong the result of IAU Salon Care, as well as for intensive hair restoration.

Manufacturer: LEBEL, Japan.

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