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LEBEL IAU ESSENCE MOIST Moisturizing essence for hair

LEBEL IAU ESSENCE MOIST Moisturizing essence for hair

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A hero of our time! A favorite of beauty bloggers!

- For deep moisturizing of porous, dehydrated hair structure;

- Ensures the preservation of hair youth, prevents thinning of the structure;

- Protects against aggressive environmental factors and thermal effects;

- Gives hair softness, elasticity, silkiness, elasticity.

- Envelops hair, facilitates combing;

-Gives hair a well-groomed look, an expensive aroma, works on hair quality.

- Turns the damaged hair itself into silk fabric.

- SPF 30.

Active ingredients: SMS complex, avocado oil, glycerin, Shea butter, tremella extract (ice mushroom).

Method of use:
Evenly distribute the essence on wet hair, starting from the tips, along the entire length (2 presses of the dispenser for medium-length hair). Proceed to styling. To add additional shine to the hair, apply a little product (1 press) on already dried hair.

Manufacturer: Japan.

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