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LEBEL THEO SCALPFLEX Peeling-Cleanser for the scalp

LEBEL THEO SCALPFLEX Peeling-Cleanser for the scalp

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The scalp, like the skin of the face, needs cleaning and regular care. The secretion of sebaceous glands, dust and cosmetics that clog pores negatively affect the condition of the epidermis.
The Lebel brand released TheO Scalp Flex, which gently scrubs and removes impurities.

Peeling for the scalp gives not only smoothness and freshness to each layer, but also to the root volume of the hair, and also prevents their loss.

Extracts of bamboo root, green tea and black ginger saturate the epidermis with useful substances and vitamins, and charcoal powder "draws" pollution from the pores.

The delicate perfumed aroma of the product envelops it in a soft haze and gives a comfortable feeling. Suitable for women and men.

Wet your head with water. Apply a small amount of the drug on wet scalp. Massage for a minute. Start washing with shampoo.

Manufacturer: LEBEL, Japan.

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