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LEBEL VIEGE BALANCE SUPPLI Serum for sensitive, oily scalp

LEBEL VIEGE BALANCE SUPPLI Serum for sensitive, oily scalp

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A gel-strengthening and healing anti-aging serum to solve the problems of oily scalp.

It affects the sebaceous glands of the scalp, forcing them to reduce the secretion of sebum and at the same time deeply moisturizes the skin - thereby balancing the vitality and regeneration processes of the scalp.

Increases the volume of the scalp and helps keep the shape of the hairstyle longer.

The serum, which solves the problems of oily scalp, provides general strengthening and improvement, and also prevents age-related changes.

This is a completely unique preparation from Viege's innovative rejuvenating series, based on the Fito NanoBot system, which regulates the power of each of the components on damaged areas of the hair and delivers them to the deepest layers of the hair.

Active components:
Fito NanoBot system, lemon juice, ginseng root extract, pumpkin fruit extract, carotene.

Apply the serum after shampooing for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with water. Begin laying.

Manufacturer: LEBEL, Japan.

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