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LEBEL VIEGE VITALl SUPPLI Anti-aging care for weakened hair and scalp

LEBEL VIEGE VITALl SUPPLI Anti-aging care for weakened hair and scalp

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Salon serum is intended for weakened hair and scalp without tone.

Main properties:
With age, the condition of the scalp deteriorates, the thickness, strength and elasticity of the skin decreases.
The Lebel company has developed three types of antiaging serums for scalp care, depending on individual needs.
The Lebel Viege line of products is designed for women after the age of 30, when the strength and thickness of the hair gradually begins to decrease. Thinning and loss of hair volume may appear, as well as excess sebum and the appearance of a smell from the scalp.
The series is based on extracts of vegetables and plants that have nutritional properties.
They prevent thinning of hair, loss of volume, shine and appearance of unwanted fluffiness, unevenness and dryness of hair. They help to create a beautiful styling.

Lebel Viege Vital Suppli penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, tones the scalp, nourishes and moisturizes it, provides hair with strength and elasticity, and gives a comfortable warming sensation.
Contains moisturizing components with a regenerating effect: ginger and pomegranate extract, wine extract.
These substances soothe the delicate skin and promote its recovery, penetrate the hair follicles and strengthen them.
The Fito NanoBot system in the serum transports active substances into the deep structures, acting at the very heart of the problem and ensuring the maximum effectiveness of the tool. Hair and scalp remain fresh and in tone for a long time.
Active components: Fito NanoBot system, turmeric, ginger, extracts of grapes and grape seeds, pomegranate fruits.

Application method:
After washing off the shampoo, wring out the hair, removing excess moisture. Using the pipette under the cap, apply the product to the scalp and massage. Then rinse with warm water.

Manufacturer: LEBEL, Japan.

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