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LULULUN OVER 45 IRS BLUE Fabric masks for lightening aged skin, 32 pcs

LULULUN OVER 45 IRS BLUE Fabric masks for lightening aged skin, 32 pcs

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Fabric masks for daily use Lululun Over 45 Iris Blue fight dullness and laxity of aged skin.

A luxurious daily care formulated in Japan to give the benefit of care for aging skin.
LuLuLun Over 45 - a series of disposable anti-aging masks for women over 45 years old.
With age, the skin is prone to changes that are associated with hormonal imbalance, body restructuring and stress.

The impregnation of Over 45+ masks includes many ingredients to compensate for age-related changes in the skin.

The impregnation components contain ingredients adapted to your skin type, unlocking its potential:

Tetrapeptide-10 removes the old stratum corneum. Dullness disappears with it, the skin becomes smooth and velvety. It has a pronounced anti-aging effect, relieves inflammation, increases skin elasticity.

Iris root extracts participate in the processes of collagen and elastin formation.

Do not contain dyes, flavors, mineral oils.

Masks have a unique three-layer structure, fit tightly to the face, capturing the areas of special attention - the areas around the eyes and mouth, the wings of the nose.

Manufacturer: LULULUN, Japan.

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