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MILBON ELUJUDA BLEACH CARE GEL SERUM Gel-serum for restoring bleached hair

MILBON ELUJUDA BLEACH CARE GEL SERUM Gel-serum for restoring bleached hair

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Milbon Elujuda Bleach Care Gel Serum is a luxurious restorative gel serum for bleached hair that makes it manageable and smooth and makes styling easier. The active formula of the product has a powerful regenerating effect, protects the hair from the negative effects of environmental factors, the color shines in all its beauty, the hair acquires a healthy appearance, softness and silkiness. With such a gel, it will be much easier for you to maintain strands in perfect condition!
Suitable for bleached, hard, highlighted hair of any density.
The product makes hair silky, obedient, shiny, restores damaged areas of hair at the cellular level, protects hair from damage both when exposed to thermal devices, and from sunlight and hot air.

The main active components of Elujuda Bleach Care Gel Serum:
  • СMADK™ complex is a hydrolyzed keratin made from wool. Its qualities are similar to the natural components of human hair.
  • Baobab seed oil - strengthens, moisturizes and softens hair, prevents tangling.
  • Organic extract of Echinacea purpurea - strengthens hair, preserves moisture in them and creates the effect of "soft silky hair".
  • Glycerin oil is a combination of oil and glycerin. Thanks to the oil, lightened hair receives the necessary nutrition, and glycerin softens it. This component helps stop the formation of cavities in the cuticle and prevents increased porosity.
  • Complex of cations - prevents tangling and reduces hair static.

Gel-serum has a delicate perfumed aroma.
Can be used as a separate hair product, as well as in combination with Elujuda emulsion.
The product does not weigh down, does not make the hair greasy and does not stick to it.

Manufacturer: MILBON, Japan.

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