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MILBON ELUJUDA BLEACH CARE SERUM Emulsion for bleached hair

MILBON ELUJUDA BLEACH CARE SERUM Emulsion for bleached hair

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Emulsion, which was created by the Japanese company Milbon to restore and protect bleached hair.
Leave-in care, which has a light texture, covers each hair with a layer of protective film, smoothes the hair cuticle, but at the same time does not make the hair greasy.

Active components:

  • CMADK™ is Milbon's patented hydrolyzed keratin made from sheep's wool. Its structure is similar to human hair and therefore has maximum penetrating ability.
  • Baobab seed oil - contains antioxidants and vitamins. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the hair, helps to prevent their brittleness.
  • Argan oil - 65% consists of unsaturated fatty acids responsible for hair shine. The oil moisturizes and restores the hair, heals split ends, and also protects them from the effects of hot temperatures and UV radiation.
  • Echinacea purple extract - moisturizes hair and restores its natural elasticity.
  • Dimenticon is a "smart" polymer that performs a heat-protective function.

The emulsion has a light texture and a delicate perfumed aroma.
Immediately after using the product, the hair becomes more alive, elastic and shiny, blondes will definitely appreciate this effect.

Application method:
Dry the hair with a towel. Apply the required amount of serum to slightly damp hair. For short hair - 1 press on the dispenser, for medium - 2, for long thin - 2.5, for long thick - 3 presses. Be sure to warm the product slightly, rubbing it between your palms, and only then carefully distribute it on the curls, starting from the ends. Start drying and styling hair with a hair dryer.

Manufacturer: MILBON, Japan.

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