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MILBON INPHENOM SHAMPOO Moisturizing shampoo for colored hair

MILBON INPHENOM SHAMPOO Moisturizing shampoo for colored hair

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Milbon Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that has been producing salon-exclusive hair care products since 1965. Milbon products are powered by decades of continuous scientific innovation in hair care and feedback from leading professional stylists around the world.
Thanks to more than 50 years of partnership with both Japanese and global professional stylists, Milbon products are positively evaluated by a number of foreign beauty salons. Try this high-quality Japanese shampoo to experience a new hair care experience from hair care experts.
Milbon Inphenom is LUX class care for colored hair.
Takes care of dyed hair, maintaining brightness and saturation of color, moisturizes and strengthens hair along its entire length.
Instantly restores hair damaged by dyeing, saturating it with necessary amino acids.
Shampoo with amino acids for dyed hair restores hair damaged by dyeing from the inside. Moisturizes every hair, gives elasticity, shine and strength to hair. The color becomes brighter and more saturated.
Suitable for thin and medium thickness hair.
Active components: pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (moisturizing factor), CMC (cell membrane complex) – fills the internal structure of hair damaged by dyeing.

How to use: apply to wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the procedure.

Manufacturer: MILBON, Japan.

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