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NAPLA CARETECT HB COLOR TREATMENT V Mask for the volume of dyed hair

NAPLA CARETECT HB COLOR TREATMENT V Mask for the volume of dyed hair

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The mask helps preserve hair color, gives it volume, thickness and elasticity. Suitable for dyed thin and normal hair with varying degrees of damage. Removes fluff along the length, reduces hair porosity, smooths the surface, increases hair elasticity and obedience, provides it with volume, density and preservation of styling for a long time. Removes static tension. Carefully cares for hair, suppressing the effect of free radicals. Perfectly moisturizes and restores the hair, locking the components inside, giving shine and elasticity. Preserves the bright color of natural or dyed hair, neutralizes the effect of alkali and hydrogen peroxide, the remnants of which "eat the color", removes ammonia odors. Restores disulfide bonds after chemical procedures. As a result, the hair becomes much stronger, thicker and voluminous. Prevents split ends and early gray hair.

Does not contain silicones.

Application method:
Apply a small portion of the mask on the palm of your hand and spread it over clean, damp hair along the entire length. Depending on the desired effect, it should be kept for 5 to 15 minutes. After you have kept the mask on your hair, you need to wash it off with warm water.

The tool is very economical.
Suitable for daily use.
Tested by dermatologists.

Manufacturer: NAPLA, Japan.

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