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NAPLA CARETECT HB COLOR V SHAMPOO Volume shampoo for colored hair

NAPLA CARETECT HB COLOR V SHAMPOO Volume shampoo for colored hair

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The shampoo preserves the brightness of the color, gives volume, thickness and elasticity to dyed hair. Suitable for dyed thin and normal-thick hair that needs additional volume, with varying degrees of damage.
Due to the mild detergent surface-active substances-fatty acids of coconut oil, the mildly acidic shampoo carefully and delicately cleanses the hair and scalp, forming a stable foam. Creates a feeling of moisture after washing, preserving the integrity of the lipid layer of the skin, maintains a normal pH level, gives hair softness and elasticity, relieves skin irritation.
As a result of using the shampoo, the hair becomes much stronger, more plastic, thicker and denser. Its porosity decreases, elasticity and docility increase.
Result: The volume during styling will be preserved much longer. The hair will acquire silkiness and a healthy shine, while the color of your coloring will be preserved for a much longer period.
Does not contain sulfates and silicones.
It has a slightly acidic ph.
After washing, it is recommended to use a mask from the Caretect series.

Application method:
Lather a small amount of shampoo with water in your hands, apply to the moistened scalp, massage lightly, distribute the remaining foam along the length of the hair. Rinse, repeat the procedure again. Wash your skin and hair well with warm water.
Manufacturer: NAPLA, Japan.

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