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NAPLA IMPRIME MOISTURE HAIR TREATMENT BETA Smoothing restoring mask for dry, porous hair

NAPLA IMPRIME MOISTURE HAIR TREATMENT BETA Smoothing restoring mask for dry, porous hair

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IMPRIME Silky Beta Smoothing Repair Mask is suitable for dry, porous hair with any degree of damage. Smoothes, moisturizes and protects the structure of damaged hair.
Facilitates and maintains styling, gives silkiness and incredible shine.
It has a thick creamy consistency, a pleasant aroma and is very economical to use. It is perfectly distributed throughout the hair, deeply filling the damaged hair structure with restorative components, while not weighing it down. After using the product, the hair becomes silky and soft, perfectly combed, retaining moisture inside the hair.
The mask perfectly protects hair from thermal effects (curling iron, iron, hair dryer).
As a result of using the mask, the hair acquires silkiness, healthy shine, elasticity and elasticity. It is easy to comb, perfectly preserves styling and becomes completely free of static tension.

Active substances: hydrolyzed keratin, chitosan, organic tinctures of medicinal herbs (soybean seeds, geranium, rosehip extract, rosemary, thyme leaves, yarrow, sage leaves), carotene, glucose, malic acid, glycerin, glycerin, argan oil and shea butter.
Thanks to the use of Japanese care cosmetics, the hair is smoothed, shines, becomes silky, elastic and strong. The mask has a sophisticated aroma. It is easily applied to the hair, does not have the effect of weighing down the curls. Can be used for natural and dyed hair. Does not contain sulfates.

Method of use: apply a small amount of the mask to wet, clean hair, distribute along the length, without touching the roots and scalp, leave for 1 to 7 minutes, rinse with warm water. Suitable for daily use.

Manufacturer: NAPLA, Japan.

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