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NAPLA IMPRIME TREATMENT VOLUME UP Mask for giving hair volume

NAPLA IMPRIME TREATMENT VOLUME UP Mask for giving hair volume

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The product fills the hair with moisture, makes it smooth and light, preserves the volume obtained after washing the hair.
The main active ingredients restore the hair, give it a natural shine, make it elastic and elastic.

The product includes:
- potassium lauroyl amino acid of silk - makes hair elastic, shiny and soft;
- hydrolyzed keratin - easily penetrates the hair structure and has a very effective conditioning effect;
- raw keratin - moisturizes the hair and forms a protective film on it (such a film helps in leveling the hair surface, provides shine, elasticity and volume of the hair, takes care of the scalp);
- argan oil - suitable for any type of hair and skin, but it has the strongest effect on thin hair. Argan oil works in two directions at once: it cares for the scalp and nourishes the hair;
argan oil - salvation for fine, dyed, porous, weakened, brittle hair;
- a complex of vegetable oils.

The effectiveness of hair restoration is also supported by other oils: shea oil (known for its properties of making the skin and hair much smoother, elastic and resilient) and safflower oil.
Application method:

Apply a small amount of the mask to wet, clean hair, distribute along the length, without touching the roots and scalp, leave for 1 to 7 minutes, depending on the desired effect of the intensity of recovery, rinse with warm water.

Manufacturer: NAPLA, Japan.

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