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NAPLA IMPRIME VOLUME UP MIST Spray for creating basal volume

NAPLA IMPRIME VOLUME UP MIST Spray for creating basal volume

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Due to the content of two types of keratin, the styling spray gives not only stable basal volume during the day, but also hair elasticity at the roots. Keratin derived from waterfowl feathers makes hair supple and flexible from the inside out, and raw keratin has an amazing ability to protect hair from damage due to its larger molecular size than regular keratin.

The product does not weigh down the hair at all, does not create the effect of greasy hair and is not noticeable when used. Holds shape and styling throughout the day - an indispensable product for girls who are used to styling their hair with a hairdryer or brushing.
It has the effect of restoring damaged areas of hair, making it stronger. Owners of thin hair or short haircuts will note a particularly strong volume effect.

Does not contain silicones.

How to use the spray:
The spray should be applied to wet, after washing the roots, immediately before styling with a hair dryer (for ease of application, pre-separate the hair with your hand at the parting). After applying the spray, feel free to begin styling and you will definitely notice the increased effect of volume at the roots, which will last throughout the day.

The spray is economical to use.
The product has passed a dermatological test for the presence of components that irritate the skin.

Manufacturer: NAPLA, Japan.

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