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NAPLA RELAVEIL CMC HAIR MASK Moisturizing mask for all hair types

NAPLA RELAVEIL CMC HAIR MASK Moisturizing mask for all hair types

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Moisturizing mask with SMS complex (complex of lipid layers between hair scales) is great for dry hair with split ends. The SMS complex is the building material of our hair: when its small hair loses its "filling", it becomes thin, not nourished, dry and damaged. The SMS complex in the line's products improves the structure of the hair, fills it with moisture, gives shine, and improves combing.

- intensively saturates curls with moisture and nutrients;
-stimulates natural curl regeneration processes;
- the nano cell-membrane complex penetrates the hair structure and restores their lipid layer, which provides the curls with silkiness, and also increases their resistance to aggressive environmental factors;
- hydrolyzed collagen is embedded in empty areas of porous damaged strands, making them denser, elastic and elastic;
- ceramide-2 – a synthetic analogue of natural lipids, which helps retain moisture in curls and reliably protects them from destructive agents;
- hydrolyzed silk proteins have a conditioning effect.

Active components: SMS complex, ceramide-2, hydrolyzed collagen, extracts from medicinal plants.

Application method:
Apply a small amount of the mask to wet, clean hair, distribute along the length, without touching the roots and scalp, leave for 1 to 7 minutes, depending on the desired effect of the intensity of recovery, rinse with warm water.

Manufacturer: NAPLA, Japan.

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