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NAPLA RELAVEIL CMC SHAMPOO Moisturizing hair shampoo

NAPLA RELAVEIL CMC SHAMPOO Moisturizing hair shampoo

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Does not contain sulfates.
It has a slightly acidic ph.
Moisturizing shampoo with SMS complex (complex of lipid layers between hair scales) is great for girls with sensitive scalp, but at the same time with dry and split hair ends.

SMS complex is the building material of our hair: when its little hair loses its "filling", it thins, becomes thin, not saturated, dry and damaged. The SMS complex in the line's products improves the structure of the hair, fills it with moisture, gives shine, and improves combing.
The shampoo is universal and suitable for any type of hair and scalp: the unique ingredients of the composition will be useful for any hair structure, since the SMS complex of hair is not filled by our body on its own, it must be filled from the outside with cosmetic products.

Composition: nano sms complex (cell-membrane), ceramide-2, hydrolyzed collagen and silk proteins, butylene glycol, a complex of 12 plant organic extracts of natural origin (rosehip extract, narrow-leaved lavender flowers, rosemary, common thyme leaves, yarrow, sage leaves, St. John's wort, chamomile, heart-shaped linden, calendula, cornflower, Roman chamomile flowers).

Application method:
Lather the shampoo in your hands with water, apply to wet hair roots, massage, distribute the remaining foam along the length, rinse with water. The second time, thoroughly lather a small portion of the cleaning agent to a thick foam, apply again and rinse with plenty of water. Apply conditioner and mask.

Manufacturer: NAPLA, Japan.

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