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OHKI Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

OHKI PAPA JELLY 5 Children's jelly vitamins with strawberry flavor, 120 pcs

OHKI PAPA JELLY 5 Children's jelly vitamins with strawberry flavor, 120 pcs

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Jelly vitamins with a strawberry flavor for children can effectively increase your child's immunity. A child's body needs vitamins much more than an adult's, because not only its general condition depends on it, but also the future health of its body. In a world where there is a huge amount of food in the stores, which practically does not benefit the child, but so entices him with its taste qualities, it is very difficult to give the child the necessary amount of vitamins that he needs so much. Very tasty, and most importantly, incredibly useful vitamins with a strawberry flavor will come to the rescue!

The complex is recommended:

  • to restore and strengthen immunity;
  • after taking antibiotics, dysbiosis;
  • with unbalanced nutrition and lack of appetite;
  • after illness - for quick recovery and minimization of risks of complications or repeated illness;
  • deviation in the norm of development (weak constitution of the body).
  • to improve skin, nails and hair;
  • to ensure proper development of the musculoskeletal system;
  • to restore the body's protective functions;
  • with reduced activity or weight loss;
  • for prevention, improving the quality of memory and mental abilities.

A unique Japanese complex of vitamins is presented, recommended for children from 1 year of age.


  • vitamin A - 4 mg;
  • vitamin D - 0.01 mg;
  • vitamin E - 5 mg;
  • vitamin B - 1 mg;
  • vitamin C - 40 mg;
  • calcium - 6 mg.

How to use: from 1 year to 1 piece per day, regardless of meals.
After 15 years and older 2 pcs. per day
Packaging (tin can) 120 pcs. for 60 - 120 days.

Manufacturer: OHKI Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan.

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