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ROHTO DEOCO BODY CLEANSE SOAP Anti-aging soap with lactone

ROHTO DEOCO BODY CLEANSE SOAP Anti-aging soap with lactone

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The unique lactone composition - now in the form of solid soap.

It smells even nicer, a concentrated aroma of tenderness and youth, excellent cleaning properties. The soap lathers perfectly and does not dry the skin, it is used more economically than shower gel.

Lactone soap with a natural composition washes away persistent particles of sweat - nonenals, which are released with age, stress and diseases and give sweat a sharp unpleasant smell. Particular attention should be paid to places such as armpits, décolletage and behind the ears.

Deoco technology aims to solve the problem of sweat odor at a subtle level.

With age, the chemical composition of sweat changes, and aromatic substances appear in it, which are practically not washed off with water, and the specific smell of an "old body" is fixed in men and women.

In late adolescence, the sweat of girls contains the maximum amount of lactone - this substance is responsible for a pleasant smell, perceived by a person as sweet, similar to the smell of peach and coconut. Deoco skin care products neutralize the components of sweat with an unpleasant age smell and contain a lactone that helps a woman of any age to briefly return to the age of youth and freshness. The soap contains white clay and vitamin C in a concentration that slightly brightens the skin, reducing pigmentation.

Manufacturer: Rohto, Japan
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