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ROHTO DEOCO MEDICATED STICK 13 g Deodorant with lactone (stick)

ROHTO DEOCO MEDICATED STICK 13 g Deodorant with lactone (stick)

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With age, the chemical composition of sweat changes, and aromatic substances appear in it, which are practically not washed off with water, and the specific smell of an "old body" is fixed in men and women. In late adolescence, the sweat of girls contains the maximum amount of lactone - this substance is responsible for a pleasant smell, perceived by a person as sweet, similar to the smell of peach and coconut.

Deoco skin care products neutralize the components of sweat with an unpleasant age smell and contain a lactone that helps a woman of any age to briefly return to the age of youth and freshness.

Deoco deodorant has no artificial fragrance, only lactone, when applied we can barely catch the aroma, which vaguely resembles a peach and quickly evaporates, merging with the natural body odor.

It is not an antiperspirant - it does not prevent sweating.

Antibacterial component isopropyl methylphenol eliminates bacteria that cause unpleasant sweat odor, vitamin C improves skin health. Particles of white clay absorb the aromatic components of sweat, and lactone compensates for the lack of its own lactone and "rejuvenates" the sweat released.

Manufacturer: Rohto, Japan
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