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ROSETTE CLEANSING PASTE WRINKLE Cleansing foam for aging skin

ROSETTE CLEANSING PASTE WRINKLE Cleansing foam for aging skin

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Rosette Red Wrinkle is a foam for washing, which not only cleans the skin, but also makes small wrinkles invisible. The gentle cleansing power of red clay evens out the skin's texture, and numerous moisturizing ingredients make the skin supple and elastic.

Properties: Correction of skin texture with the help of red clay (kaolin) - creamy foam removes pollution and the old keratinized layer from the surface of the skin, correcting its texture, leveling the relief and preserving its health and beauty. Elastic and elastic skin, rich in minerals (iron and calcium contained in clay), as well as many intensively moisturizing ingredients that prevent dryness and smoothness of the skin. The face becomes smooth and radiant. Pomegranate, camellia and clover extracts, in addition to moisturizing properties, have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis, tightening the oval of the face, making it soft and velvety. Two types of hyaluronic acid have a high degree of adsorption and penetrate into all corners of the stratum corneum, filling it with moisture. Squalene has a softening and nourishing effect. Does not contain mineral oils. It has a wonderful aroma of roses.

Application: apply the necessary amount of the product (about 1 cm) to the palm, foam well with water between the palms or a mesh, wash with light massage movements, and then thoroughly wash off the foam.

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