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SEEDCOMS SQUALENE 90 Days Shark squalene, 180 pcs (90 days)

SEEDCOMS SQUALENE 90 Days Shark squalene, 180 pcs (90 days)

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Can one product help in the treatment of all diseases, and as a bonus, become a medicine for old age? Answer: yes.

Seedcoms Shark Squalene is a deep sea shark liver oil supplement, each capsule contains 99% squalene content.

Useful properties:

  • saturates body cells with oxygen
  • restores cells, softens, smoothes and moisturizes the skin
  • slows down the skin aging process, helps to strengthen hair and nails
  • is a natural antioxidant - slows down aging, removes harmful substances from the body, actively fights disease-causing bacteria and viruses, strengthens immunity, regulates cholesterol levels, prevents obesity, supports the natural synthesis of vitamin D
  • squalone is useful for children who are often sick, people suffering from chronic diseases, with weakened immunity, prone to constant intoxication (smoking, alcohol)

Composition: squalene (250 mg in 1 cap), gelatin, glycerin.

Method of use: 1-2 capsules per day. Drink water.

Manufacturer: SEEDCOMS, Japan.

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