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SEEDCOMS VITAMIN D +Ca, 90 Days Vitamin D with calcium

SEEDCOMS VITAMIN D +Ca, 90 Days Vitamin D with calcium

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Vitamin D and calcium participate in the mineralization of bone tissue, the work of the nervous and immune systems, and ensure the contractile function of the heart.
If the level of these useful substances decreases in the body, bone pain appears, hair falls out, nails become brittle, and resistance to viral infections and colds drops sharply. The consequences of nutrient deficiency are osteoporosis and pathological bone fractures.

Without a sufficient amount of vitamin D, calcium is absorbed by only 20-30%, so their appointment separately does not make sense.

Indications for use:
  • violation of vitamin D metabolism (rickets, spasmophilia, osteomalacia);
  • muscle weakness, peripheral polyneuropathies;
  • severe hair loss;
  • children and adolescents during periods of active growth;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • osteoporosis in menopause.

This supplement is recommended for preventive purposes in the winter-spring period, when the frequency of viral diseases increases, and for patients engaged in heavy mental and physical work.
For women - to improve the condition of hair and skin.
Year-round intake of vitamins in age-related doses is indicated for elderly people with chronic diseases who observe bed rest and are rarely in the sun.

Composition: Vitamin D 30 mcg, calcium from the shell - 78.95 mg.

Method of use: 1 tablet per day, washed down with water.

Manufacturer: Seedcoms, Japan.
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