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SEEDCOMS ZINC SUPPLEMENT, 90 Days Zinc (selenium+chromium)

SEEDCOMS ZINC SUPPLEMENT, 90 Days Zinc (selenium+chromium)

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Zinc is one of the most important macroelements. There is practically no process in the body where zinc is not involved.
This trace element contributes to the production of about 300 enzymes and enzymes by our body, which is very important for the functioning of organs and systems in our body. Zinc helps keep the body in good shape, strengthens the immune system, and also increases the vitality of the body. Zinc is also involved in the renewal of protein compounds and nucleic acids.

  • Improving brain function.
  • Support of the reproductive system of men and women, normalization of the hormonal background.
  • Strengthening immunity.
  • The health of the mucous membranes of the body.
  • Participation in the formation of bone tissue, maintenance of dental health.
  • Vision support.
  • Health and beauty of skin and hair.

Composition in 1 tablet (daily daily dose):

Zinc gluconate - 15 mg (214% of the daily norm)
Chromium (chromium-containing yeast) - 23 μg
Selenium (selenium-containing yeast) - 30 μg

Recommended use: 1 tablet per day, washed down with water.

Manufacturer: Seedcoms, Japan.

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