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SHISEIDO SENKA PERFECT WHITE CLAY Facial foam with white clay

SHISEIDO SENKA PERFECT WHITE CLAY Facial foam with white clay

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Senka Perfect White Clay from the Shiseido company is a cleansing foam for washing with a light floral aroma, the basis of which is white clay. This is an improved version of the classic washing foam in the Senka line.

Thanks to the presence of white clay, the skin structure is deeply cleansed. The smallest particles of clay penetrate into the pores, adsorb mechanical particles, pollution and bring them to the surface of the epidermis.

The composition and effect of the Japanese remedy is based on the following active substances:

  • Argil. It is actively used in many lines of Japanese cosmetics. Clay gained popularity due to its high adsorbing properties, which allows you to clean the pores and deep layers of the epidermis from impurities. In addition, it whitens the skin of the face, relieves swelling and removes signs of inflammation. White clay is used for acne, acne and other skin lesions. It also removes oily shine, but does not overdry the skin.
  • Natural silk extract is an amazing component, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by many women around the world. It is often included in the basis of Japanese creams. Silk prevents the process of premature aging and removes already existing defects. It smoothes both small and large mimic wrinkles, eliminates inflammation and redness, masks dark circles under the eyes
  • Two types of hyaluronic acid have a unique ability to form a thin film on the surface of the epidermis, which protects the pores from pollution from the outside, and also helps maintain the optimal water balance in the cells. At the same time, there is a natural gas exchange between the skin and the external environment. Hyaluronic acid saturates the epidermis with the necessary amount of water, preventing its further loss.

Application features:
Before starting to use Senka Perfect White Clay foam, you should wet your face with water, and then apply a little product to the palm of your hand, diluting it with a small amount of water. Mix until a stable foam is obtained. After that, apply the foam on a moistened face, avoiding the eye area, massage a little and wash off with warm water.
It is recommended to use 2 times a day.

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