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SHISEIDO TSUBAKI PREMIUM MOIST REPAIR CONDITIONER Moisturizing and restoring hair conditioner

SHISEIDO TSUBAKI PREMIUM MOIST REPAIR CONDITIONER Moisturizing and restoring hair conditioner

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The famous conditioner with Japanese camellia oil with an improved formula. Salon care at home. Gives a special feeling of chic hair, makes it thicker, dense and shiny.

Tsubaki is one of the most popular Japanese hair care brands in the world. The product comes in a red bottle with a pump, reminiscent of Japanese tsubaki or camellia. Tsubaki flowers, known for their high-quality oils, are rich in oleic and linoleic acids, which are easily absorbed by the skin and hair.

The products of the "Tsubaki Premium" series implement the innovative technology of deep penetration of cosmetic ingredients CMC (Cell Membrane Complex): provides an instant moisturizing and restorative effect on the hair cuticle, allows active components to penetrate the hair and nourish it from the inside. In damaged hair, the "passage" in the cuticle becomes narrow, which makes it difficult for the necessary components to penetrate. The double amino acid in the composition expands the cell membrane and facilitates the penetration of cosmetic ingredients, nourishing and restoring the hair.
Using the Tsubaki Premium conditioner prevents hair tangling, removes static and makes hair obedient.

Recommended for dry, dyed, highlighted hair.

Active components:

  • Bee royal jelly extract - in a complex with hyaluronic acid, actively moisturizes the hair along its entire length and maintains the optimal level of moisture.
  • Valuable Japanese camellia seed oil - gives a glossy shine and brightness. Preserves the color and makes it more saturated.
  • Double amino acid - fills damaged areas of each hair, eliminates brittleness and adds elasticity.

The aroma of the product is floral and fruity, it lingers on the hair for a long time and leaves a light trail.
Method of use: apply the conditioner along the length of the washed hair, squeezed out of moisture, for a few minutes and rinse.

Manufacturer: SHISEIDO, Japan.

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