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SNOW COCOON SILK BRUSH FACE WASH Silk brush for brushing and washing the face

SNOW COCOON SILK BRUSH FACE WASH Silk brush for brushing and washing the face

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Bristles made of 100% natural silk, made in Japan. Silk cocoons from the city of Tomioka are used for production. The handle of the brush is made of hinoki - Japanese cypress.
The brush is made using a special technology with a curve that perfectly follows the shape of the face.

Natural silk promotes healing and rejuvenation of the skin. Silk consists of 97% proteins, 3% fats and waxes, as well as 18 amino acids that have a positive effect on human metabolism.

Silk massage saturates the skin with silk peptides, reduces wrinkles, tones and improves blood circulation, gives the skin a healthy glow.

During the massage, by means of mechanical friction, silk proteins are embedded in the damaged layers of the skin, fill wrinkles and fill the face with a youthful glow.

The structural protein of silk, fibroin, is the richest source of glycine, which is able to penetrate deeply into the tissues, intensively moisturizing the skin and stimulating cell regeneration processes. Fibroin retains moisture 7 times better than other moisturizing components, and also increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Silk thread fibroin actively moisturizes the skin. Proteins and amino acids of silk stimulate the regeneration and renewal of tissues, perfectly smooth the skin, and give it an inner glow.

Glycine, penetrating the skin and hair, increases elasticity and elasticity. Glycine is also a powerful antioxidant, while remaining a completely safe and natural substance.
Application method:
After washing, pat your face with a towel. Wet the brush with warm water and gently massage the skin of the face (along the massage lines) for 1-3 minutes. Effectively massage the skin in the direction of lymph movement, in the following order: 1) Between the eyebrows. 2) Forehead. 3) Above the eyebrows. 4-5) Cheeks. 6) Nose. 7) Chin. 8) Neck. Finally, pat your face with a clean towel.

Suitable for daily use.

If skin is irritated by silk, discontinue use.

Storage method: After use, store the brush in a dry, well-ventilated place.

Dimensions: Length of brush with handle (approx.): 110 mm. Brush (Approx): Height 60mm x Width 42mm x Thickness 28mm.

Manufacturer: Japan.

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