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SPA TREATMENT HAS STRETCH I SHEET Antiaging patches with stem cell extract.

SPA TREATMENT HAS STRETCH I SHEET Antiaging patches with stem cell extract.

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Professional care.
SPA Treatment HAS iSheet - patches with a deep restorative anti-aging effect. Patches smooth the skin, lighten it, reduce puffiness, provide a pronounced lifting effect, eliminate the effect of "crow's feet".
They reduce deep wrinkles and fill the skin from the inside, tightening it. The patches are impregnated with a thick gel composition.


  • Thanks to the perfect compatibility with skin cells and liposomal technology, the HAS component penetrates the layers of the skin and provides a deep therapeutic effect.
  • Polypeptides and enzymes identical to the molecules of snake venom - components developed by the Swiss company Pentapharm - have a strong anti-aging effect.
  • Collagen of 6 types acts on different levels, making the skin elastic, tightening and filling it from the inside.
  • Extracts of ginseng and ginger improve blood circulation in the skin, and extracts of clematis, brown and green algae tone it and give it elasticity.

Patches are in a jar, divided into two sections by a partition. In the inner partition there is a tweezer, which is convenient for separating patches one by one. Patches can be applied under the eyes and on the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, where the skin is most prone to age-related changes. Patches can be applied in the morning and in the evening, impregnation does not flow. You can walk and sit with them, they do not come off your face, although it is undesirable to tilt your head.
Guaranteed visible result already after the first application.
There are 60 pieces in the package.

Manufacturer: SPA TREATMENT, Japan.

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